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Providing a service means being able to listen and understand what it is you want or perhaps you don't want. By understanding your IT requirements, we can supply the right personnel, we can suggest the right solutions and we can assure your continued success.

We have product level services for startup companies as well as large government organizations; our consultants are certified in a wide range of technologies. In addition, we bring our proven project management methodology to every engagement, and we will always strive to provide a service beyond your best expectations.

Infotek Solutions Inc clients have a distinct advantage: We ensure that their technology drives their business success. We understand their business needs, and we understand technology parameters, combined, our knowledge enables us to customize and deliver sound, strategic IT solutions that function as part of our clients long-term business requirements.

Product development

Product development

You aspire a need, we will help you realize that need. Our multi-pronged approach involves identifying , evaluating and prioritizing your requirements to provide the most efficient and flexible solution. Our commendable techniques conform to industry established best practices to ensure that all your varied requirements like creation of a custom or offshore application are gathered, evaluated and delivered on time and budget.



Our highly trained and specialized Consultants guide you to take the right business decisions. Our experts understand your professional needs and with the help of strategic analysis they will represent a resolution with optimum solutions for your requirements. We aim at decreasing operational costs while increasing client satisfaction as we understand the importance of this inverse relation. Our consultants excel at finding a solution for your needs to make the most of your business and resources.


IT Staffing

Getting the right person for the right job is our primary focus. We provide you with a highly skilled and competent workforce who apart from achieving mastery in their respective technologies are also valuable team players. Our partnership guarantees a beneficial relationship in terms of cost cutting, time-saving on skill-acquisition and internal training as well because we possess a highly skilled and competent workforce which in-turn boosts the quality of your project.