Infotek Solutions offers consulting services based on a context driven manner, providing clients with custom, practical solutions to approach their specific challenges. Our team adheres to industry-leading best practices and frameworks based on proven methodologies. Infotek Solutions provides services ranging from offshore testing, to on-site testing, as well as exploratory testing for small, medium and large software organizations across the globe.

Our QA processes enable a business to continuously measure and increase the craftsmanship of their software to ensure its reliable functionality. Infotek Solutions incorporates industry-leading techniques that consistently deliver end products that meet the high quality expectations of our clients.

Our consulting services strategically cater to the nuances of each individual client and their unique project needs. The ultimate goal is to help you become autonomous in your testing practices, leading to a cost efficient and profitable road ahead.

Consulting Team

Infotek Solutions team is highly qualified and experienced. They benefit from years of live application testing experience.

Our team depends on these tools for servicing a wide range of technologies such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • General software products
  • Mobile applications

Our consultants provide specialized test consulting services for test process improvement, software testing concepts, test management, testing methodology, test execution, and management processes.

Infotek Solutions's cutting edge software testing areas, management & development services:

  • Functional automation  testing
  • Manual testing
  • Performance testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Database testing
  • Security testing
  • Cloud testing
  • Datawarehouse testing
  • ETL bigdata testing
  • Agile testing
  • Business Process Management
  • Decision Management
  • Web & app development
  • Software development